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With our legacy dating back more than 60 years, Zone Industries is your premier pump, motor, and controls solution provider.

Owner Cal Lamb opened Zone Industries in the Houston area in 2012 with a single driving mission: to build the go-to solution for clients with any motor-related issue. Today, we’re not just “motor guys” – our expertise has expanded to include pumps as well. In 2016, we acquired a pump business founded in the 1950s, giving us the install base, the customer base, and the experience of a seasoned shop.

We specialize in chemical, refining, oil & gas, midstream, food & beverage, and general industries across Texas and Southeastern New Mexico.

Small-Company Service
Large-Company Capabilities

From servicing your systems to supplying replacement parts to determining the best new pump or motor for your application, Zone Industries has you covered. Our team is dedicated to working with both pumps and motors – which means that the person doing your work is an expert who has the exact skills needed to help you solve your problem. 

At the foundation of our success is an unrivaled dedication to customer service. From being available around the clock to ensuring valued customers will find needed items in stock at a moment’s notice, we build client relationships as long-lasting as the items the company sells.

We offer customers the responsiveness you’d expect from a smaller company because our customers matter. We pair that with the ability to handle all your needs, any time of day, no matter the problem because we know that you can’t afford to have any down time.

We Find Your Solutions

Being a stocking distributor with both the leading pump and motor/controls manufacturers allows us to deliver world-class pump packages and replacement units to your site faster and much more cost-effectively.

To help you, our team has formed strategic relationships with manufacturers such as:


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