Motortronics is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of solid-state AC motor controls and motor protection products. Since 1982, the company has shipped over 2 million solid state starters and controllers to customers in virtually all industries around the world. With over 600 employees in multiple facilities and authorized sales & service representatives located around the globe, Motortronics is now one of the largest manufacturers of solid-state power controls in the world.

Motortronics manufactures one of the broadest ranges of products available on the market today. Low voltage controls range from 200 to 600VAC @ 3 – 2000HP (up to 1500kW) and medium voltage soft starters range from 2300V to 15kV @ 200 – 15000HP (up to 12,000kW). In addition to having a complete line of solid state soft starters, Motortronics also manufactures electronic brakes, motor winding heaters, and motor protection relays and offers a full line of AC variable frequency drives and accessories.

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