Nidec Motor Corporation

U.S. MOTORS® brand, manufactured by Nidec Motor Corporation, features a full line of high-efficiency motors. Both large and small options serve industrial, residential, and commercial markets in applications ranging from water treatment, mining, oil & gas, and power generation to pool and spa motors, air conditioning condensers, rooftop cooling towers, and commercial refrigeration. Nidec Motor Corporation is a leader in the design and manufacture of integrated motors and controls for residential and commercial HVAC and industrial applications. The company also produces motors, controls, and switches for the automotive markets.

Nidec Motor Corporation supplies a dependable line of AC motors through its U.S. MOTORS® brand from 1/4 through 5,000 horsepower, stocking thousands for multiple industries that are used in products ranging from energy-efficient dishwashers to powerful rock crushers. Below are examples of motors stocked for quick-ship requirements:

General Purpose Industrial Motors

  • Three Phase, TEFC, Hostile Duty
  • Three Phase, TEFC, CORRO-DUTY®
  • Three Phase, TEFC, 841 Plus®
  • Hazardous Location
  • Three Phase, TEFC, UNIMOUNT®
  • Three Phase, ODP
  • C-Face: ODP, TEFC and Hazardous Location
  • Single Phase, Split Phase, ODP and TEFC
  • Single Phase, Capacitor Start, ODP and TEFC
  • Titan® Horizontal

Definite Purpose Motors

  • Vector Duty
  • Inverter Duty
  • Carbonator Pump
  • Gate and Door Motors
  • Brake Motor
  • Farm Duty
  • Automotive Duty, U-Frame
  • Fire Pump Motor
  • Commercial and Residential Water System Pumps
  • Pool and Spa Motor
  • ECOTECH EZ Variable Speed Motor and Control
  • 2EZ Speed Motor and Control

Special Purpose Products

  • Vertical Pump Motors
  • Close Coupled Pump
  • Elevator Duty
  • Cooling Tower
  • Painted Washdown
  • Paint Free Washdown
  • Stainless Steel Washdown
  • Varidyne® 2 Variable Frequency Drive
  • HVAC Fan Motors

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