Your Motor & Control Experts

You need your equipment to be running perfectly at all times. Your business depends on it. Unfortunately, your motors and controls fail or malfunction at the most inconvenient time. When that happens, we’re here to help.

Zone Industries has the technical expertise and experience you need when your motors or controls fail. With that experience comes the understanding that you need your equipment fixed as fast as possible when it breaks down. Any time day or night, we will be there when you need help.

Keep Your Motors &
Controls Running Smoothly

You expect high performance from your motors and controls. But even the most highly spec’d systems can malfunction. Lucky for you, Zone Industries will minimize the amount of downtime you experience and lessen the stress from an already stressful situation.

New Motor Installation & Start Up

It doesn’t matter if you’re getting ready to start a new project or just wanting to bring an existing motor and pump system into the 21st century. Our team has experience working on all aspects of the installation process, from helping you through the design phase to ensuring your staff is properly trained to run everything.

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